1. AvaDaisy by HGitel

  2. Edith J by HGitel


  3. rphorseman said: No question just a shout out great site the artistry you exhibit in your photos is outstanding you are truly gifted. Thanks for the follow and more thanks for steering me to your blog...

    Thank you very much for you comments!

  4. Abigail by HGitel

  5. Edith J by HGitel

  6. Edith J by HGitel

  7. Edith J by HGitel

  8. Emily VS by HGitel


  9. Montana trip

    I will be in Whitefish, Montana next week - October 8 thru October 12 or 13.  If there are any models that are out there and would be interested in working with me, please let me know!  I would love to do some work out there with an experienced model!

  10. Edith J by HGitel

  11. madasianheroes:

    So fucking awesome .

  12. Brooke Lynne by HGitel

  13. Saint Paul “Skyway in the Sky” by HGitel

  14. Samantha by HGitel


  15. edithjmodel-ographer:

    Edith J
    by Howard Gitelson

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